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Perfect for the single person or a small family. Made with mirror finish stainless steel, this high quality distiller will provide a long life and easy cleaning

Call for Pricing: 1300 883 288

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This distiller is supplied with a 11L polycarbonate bottle.

The storage tank shown is not supplied but comes as an optional extra.

Advanced, worry free stainless steel water solenoid fill valve.


  • Trouble-free float system.
  • Seal protected switches.
  • Large 5" boiling and storage tank opening.
  • 1/2" impurities drain for easy flushing
  • Stainless steel post charcoal filter
  • Distilling Capacity of 30 L per 24 hour. 1.25 L per hour

One year parts and labour warranty


Height: 34.3 cm x Width: 43.8 cm x Depth: 27.0 cm

Weight 11.0 kg (without tank)

Optional Holding tank 11 L

Ring now 1300 883 288

Precision PWS 8-M Steam Distiller Manual Fill
(Incl. 10% tax)