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No bottles, no plumbing. This little beauty pluck the water right out of thin air. Just plug in to the power and in no time you'll have fresh pure water.

No water bottles, no plumbing. Just plug in to the power and in no time you'll have fresh pure water.

Airqua Sano is an elegant atmospheric water generation appliance that makes water from the air we breathe!

Free standing making it ideal for any home⁄office and saves money over other water systems.

The Sano is simple to use, just plug into a outlet and it begins harvesting water from the air, no plumbing or wiring needed.

Dispensing both hot and cold water, the Sano produces between 2 and 7 gallons of water per day, depending on your humidity level, and has a 3.1 gallon food grade stainless steel storage tank.

It's 4 stage filtration process remineralizes the water to 7.1 ph neutral while a uv sterilizer runs periodically throughout the day to eliminate bacteria.

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Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 110v / 240V AC 50/60Hz

Operational Wattage: 600w - 1000w

Refrigerant Type: R134a

Temperature Rating: 19 - 42 degree Celcius

Humidity Rating: 20 - 100 %

Weight: 46Kg

pH / TDS Value: 7 / <40

Dimension: 330 x 450 x 1200(mm)

Water Production: 48 litres (30 degree celsius, 90% RH)

We ensure your good health wherever whenever.

Water Production Capacity

24 litres per day (average 30 degree celsius and 60% humidity)

  • Freshness & Purity
  • Fresh, clean & safe AND directly from the atmosphere
  • Chemical and contaminants free
  • Bacterial Free
  • Nano membrane filtration & UV sterilization system
  • 100% Food grade materials used
  • Convenient
  • Fresh drinking water wherever needed
  • No external piping required
  • Highly portable and readily dispensable

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AirQua Sano
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