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AkunaSprings LR   Darwin's only single-serve bottled water factory   AkunaBlue
Akuna Springs is a mineral rich water bottled in high quality PET bottles with a 2-year shelf-life. Our water comes from a single source Palmerston Dolostone aquifier located 50 km from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Naturally purified to create the unique smooth alkaline taste in each bottle.
Akuna Springs is 100% Australian Made and is available in five sizes, 340ml, 600ml, 1.5lt, 5lt and 10lt.
Akuna Blue ™ is 100% Australian made premium spring water. Akuna Blue Still & Sparkling are both available in 375ml and 750ml glass range. The Akuna Blue Still 750ml bottles feature a reusable cork, while the Sparkling bottles feature a crown cap.
Territory Proud - support local manufacturers.
22 Hamaura Road, East Arm NT 0822
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Tel: 1300 883 288
Fax: 08 92487233